Black Friday Bundle (Limited Edition - 10 Available)
Limited Edition Black Friday Bundle

-One copy of Uncommon Nasa's LP "Halfway" on clear vinyl.
-One signed copy of Uncommon Nasa's book "Withering: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories"
-One signed copy of the previously unreleased short story "Mother of Child"
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Coming soon
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(1) Uncommon Nasa's "Halfway."
Pressed on beautiful clear vinyl with full color labels featuring images from the cover. The inner sleeve features additional and full artwork and photos along with full extended studio credits and thank youse.  Comes with download code inside of packaging.
(2) Uncommon Nasa's "Withering: A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories"
"Withering" is Paul Loverro's (Uncommon Nasa) debut collection of poems and short stories. The 44-page chapbook contains twelve poems, two short stories, and an intimate preface written by the producer of Nasa's album "Halfway" (2015), Black-Tokyo. While the poems span a large part of Nasa's career, they reveal a coherent vision, continually willing to expose the inner workings of his social and personal realities. The two short stories not only add an unsettling lucidity to "Withering," but also highlight Nasa's ability to manipulate a variety of literary forms.
(3) Uncommon Nasa's previously unreleased short story "Mother of Child"
Comes in five stapled A5. Signed and hand numbered by Uncommon Nasa.