East Meets West Bundle
The bundle includes one copy of sach illpage's "Rhyme Book Bibliomancy" and one copy of Uncommon Nasa's "Withering: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories."

The bundle includes a reduced pricing of both books.
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"Rhyme Book Bibliomancy" is a look inside the composition book of West Coast legend sach illpages. This collection of “writtens” finds the MC in various modes: as a young boy falling in love with hip hop, as a mythical king, as a hermit-scientist, as a space-traveller, and as a prophet. While sach easily shifts between voices and forms, his vision remains clear and consistent. Sach not only sees the value of art as a balm for the mindlessness and consumerism of his age, but is also aware of its capacity to connect humankind with ideas and forces that are usually beyond its grasp. Underpinned by a sense of care and concern, "Rhyme Book Bibliomancy" provides words of instruction and inspiration to the reader willing to read, think, and apply.
In his debut collection of poems and short stories, Uncommon Nasa writes with a tone of harsh wisdom. As he attempts to break through the facade of mainstream culture and politics—its social relations, its stereotypes of race and class, its negligence for art—, Nasa’s writing twists and complexifies, reflecting the arduousness of his analytical approach to life. His tendency to cerebrate, in fact, is relentless. Nasa routinely turns his mind inwards to examine, question, and expose the inner workings, even the contradictions, of his own personality. While Withering is dark, Nasa brings his readers into this uncomfortable territory for a genuine purpose: to discover the truth. Permeated with a sense of the value of sincerity and contemplation, "Withering" provides both a model and fellowship to those willing to pursue the same.