"Withering" by Uncommon Nasa
  • "Withering" by Uncommon Nasa
  • "Withering" by Uncommon Nasa
  • "Withering" by Uncommon Nasa
  • "Withering" by Uncommon Nasa
  • "Withering" by Uncommon Nasa
"Withering" by Uncommon Nasa

"Withering" is Paul Loverro's (Uncommon Nasa) debut collection of poetry and short stories. The 44-page chapbook contains twelve poems, two short stories, and an intimate preface written by the producer of Nasa's album "Halfway" (2015), Black-Tokyo. While the poems span a large part of Nasa's career, they reveal a coherent vision, continually willing to expose the inner workings of his social and personal realities. The two short stories not only add an unsettling lucidity to "Withering," but also highlight Nasa's ability to manipulate a variety of literary forms.
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In his debut collection of poems and short stories, Uncommon Nasa writes with a tone of harsh wisdom. As he attempts to break through the facade of mainstream culture and politics—its social relations, its stereotypes of race and class, its negligence for art—, Nasa’s writing twists and complexifies, reflecting the arduousness of his analytical approach to life. His tendency to cerebrate, in fact, is relentless. Nasa routinely turns his mind inwards to examine, question, and expose the inner workings, even the contradictions, of his own personality. While "Withering" is dark, Nasa brings his readers into this uncomfortable territory for a genuine purpose: to discover the truth. Permeated with a sense of the value of sincerity and contemplation, "Withering" provides both a model and fellowship to those willing to pursue the same.
-Preface by Black-Tokyo
-Your Hands Will Turn to Rust
-Dark Roads
-Clown Cars
-Room Temp
-Withering (short story)
-Speak Your Truth
-Perfect Health
-Black Hole
-Having Too Good of a Time
-Burt's Dead (short story)
-Peal Street
-Love the Cold Like a Brother
-My Music Is Our Children
ISBN: 978-1-9996663-1-6
Print Run: 150 copies (first edition). Individually numbered.
Pages: 44
Size: 180x120mm portrait.
Cover: digital colour, 250gsm Conqueror CX22 High White Wove
Contents: digital black and white, 100gsm, Colouraction Goa
Binding: crease cover, collate, stick, fold and trim, square binding