"Rhyme Book Bibliomancy" by sach illpages

Rhyme Book Bibliomancy is an attempt to capture the many facets of Lance Patrick Caldwell’s (sach illpages) creativity. The 48-page chapbook contains twelve of his poems and three of his watercolours. The poems in the collection span the latter part of sach’s career and, in turn, capture his writing at its most mature. While nine of these twelve poems are readily available on record, three appear here for the first time. Sach’s three watercolours are abstract pieces that highlight his concern for balancing spontaneity and symmetry and appear here for the first time.
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"Rhyme Book Bibliomancy" is a look inside the composition book of West Coast legend sach illpages. This collection of “writtens” finds the MC in various modes: as a young boy falling in love with hip hop, as a mythical king, as a hermit-scientist, as a space-traveller, and as a prophet. While sach easily shifts between voices and forms, his vision remains clear and consistent. Sach not only sees the value of art as a balm for the mindlessness and consumerism of his age, but is also aware of its capacity to connect humankind with ideas and forces that are usually beyond its grasp. Underpinned by a sense of care and concern, "Rhyme Book Bibliomancy" provides words of instruction and inspiration to the reader willing to read, think, and apply.
-Author's Preface
-Mustafa In The Sky with Diamonds
-Sketch: Inoe's Kabuto
-Black Earth
-King Chamber Music
-Sketch: 2 of Me
-Intrigues: The Lab
-Words to Herb
-Sketch: Right Before Thea
-I'm Rich
-Epilogue: WK WAK
ISBN: 978-1-9996663-0-9
Print Run: 200 copies (first edition). Individually numbered.
Pages: 48 pages
Size: 180x120mm portrait
Cover: digital colour, 250gsm Conqueror CX22 High White Wove
Contents: digital black and white, 100gsm, Colouraction Goa
Binding: crease cover, collate, stick, fold and trim, square binding